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Summary of my publications and references

Since I get asked very often... Here is a list of some publications and references of mine.

My background: I am currently founder and CEO of the hiogi GmbH, which provides a mobile knowledge community (www.hiogi.de) and a software-as-a-service for a customer involvement platform (www.service-community.net). In 2007 I co-founded the consultancy 4sxs. Prior I worked three years for eBay Germany heading the platform solutions group. I started my career at KPMG Consulting and later BearingPoint directly after my studies of economics and computer sciences in Hamburg, Germany.

My latest references, publications, presentations and lectures:

Article about mobile navigation and the new chances for start-ups on gruenderszene.de (January 2010)
Article about google and writer profile THE EUROPEAN January 2010
Quote about the social web involvement of corporations... on 13.10.2009
• Expert podium discussion on German conference "Voice Days plus" moderated by Ranga Yogeshwar about "Service for the Facebook generation" on 6.10.2009 (pictures and summary...)
• Journalist Gunnar Sohn, PC Welt, FinanzNachrichten and Focus Online... are quoting my blog post on 2.10.2009 "Service in sozialen Medien und der Paradigmenwechsel in der Unternehmenskultur".
• Märkische Allgemeine: "Mit sozialen Netzwerken den Kundenservice verbessern - Web 2.0 kein Parkett für autoritäre Kontrollfreaks"
• Auf der Suche nach der Suchmaschine von morgen on 30.06.09
• Expert lecture Mehrwertforum Telekom May 2009: mwl.telekom.de/produkte/index.php?p_id=1192
• Focus Online Comment May 2009: Boom des mobilen Internets nicht aufzuhalten ...
• Absatzwirtschaft Comment May 2009: www.absatzwirtschaft-biznet.de/home/artikel/gastbeitraege/0/0/6503/Boom_des_mobilen_Internets_nicht_aufzuhalten_.html
• Expert lecture and podium discussion on Iphone developer conference: www.iphonedevcon.de/referenten.php
• Expert podium discussion at Berlin mobile Monday: www.mobile-monday.de/events/dashed-hopes-vs-silver-linings
• Article in the IT magazine: Fachzeitschrift für Information Management & Consulting (issue 2007/1) about Web 2.0: http://www.alex-schwinn.de/blog/schwinn_behrendt_erfolgsfaktoren_web_20.pdf
• Speaker at the media days / IFA: www.medienwoche.de/WebObjects/Medienboard.woa/wa/CMSshow/1717353
• Speaker on media fair: www.mediaintransition.com/2006/speakere.html#bjoern
• Blog article: behrendt.blogspot.com/2006/09/we-have-seen-nothing-yet-mash-up.html
• Blog article: behrendt.blogspot.com/2005/12/ideen-zu-web-20-und-mash-ups.html
• Expert interview StarFM radio: http://ads.hiogi.com/media/080828_StarFM.mp3
• Expert interview: blog.telefon.de/allgemein/die-hiogi-community-sucht-in-minutenschnelle-eine-antwort-im-gespraech-mit-bjoern-behrendt-dem-gruender-der-mobile-community-hiogi/
• Expert interview Radio1: blog.hiogi.de/wp-content/uploads/2007/11/2007_11_24radio1.mp3
• Expert interview: www.deutsche-startups.de/2008/05/30/zehn-fragen-an-bjoern-behrendt-von-44044com/
• I am a guest lecturer at various universities: e.g. on 4.11.08 at the university for technology and innovation at the TU Berlin and HPI in Potsdam

Please feel free to contact me (bjoern at hiogi de), in case you see opportunities to work together or if you would like me to give your team a one-day workshop about the web's future, e-commerce and mobile technologies.

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