Montag, November 17, 2008

What I do (my first upload)

Hiogi Company Deck 20081117
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Mobile moday in berlin

Thorsten Lubinski - Alazar
Björn Behrendt - Hiogi
Christof Fromm - E-Plus
Markus Otte - MTV
Håkon Wium Lie - Opera (CTO)
Christophe Maire – Nokia

Sitting next to the CTO of opera - i am eager to see what the discussion will be like. All in all it was fun to be there and I learned that ePlus is doing something for mobile start-ups (more later, when I tried it), Opera Mini has a new data center in California, only the Top20 apps in the itunes store really make money and my wish for next year was, if i were god: "Force all the people in Germany to open up their private WiFi routers so that we would have free wifi everywhere!"

Mittwoch, November 12, 2008

Revolutionary stuff - use Skype as a search engine

Ok, I need to write about hiogi again, since this blog is also my personal diary and in 20 years from now I want to read what got me so excited when I was younger... And THIS really gets me excited!!!

This week we launched the world's first Q&A solution "hiogi for Skype". Users can aks free questions directly in a chat window and do not need to install anything. Anybody can register for free in order to become a hiogi and start asking questions. Especially, if you are looking for advice, insider tips, opinions "hiogi for Skype" will help you. It even works on the mobile phone, if you istall the new mobile beta version of Skype. The skype teams have tested it and like it.

Here is a step by step introduction of how to register and activate "hiogi for Skype" in less than 5 mininutes:


Register for free and become a real hiogi or log in.

Save your personal skype account on this page or in your settings.

Wait until the hiogimessenger contacts you and add hiogi to your contact list. Make sure your skype client is running, contacting your client may take up to a minute.

Skype your individual activation code via skype to hiogi.

Get a list of all Skype functions by typing HELP into your hiogi skype chat window.

Have fun!



Speichere deinen Skypenick hier auf dieser Seite oder unter deinen Einstellungen ab.

Warte bis der hiogimessenger dich kontaktiert und füge hiogi zu deiner Kontaktliste hinzu. Vergewissere dich, dass Skype läuft und dein Status auf 'Online' steht. Es kann bis zu 1 Minute dauern, bevor der hiogimessenger dich kontaktiert, habe bitte etwas Geduld.

Skype dem hiogimessenger deinen Aktivierungscode, den du auf der Seite siehst.

Tippe HELP um alle Funktionen des hiogimessengers anzuzeigen.

Viel Spaß!

Sonntag, November 09, 2008

Lufthansa leg room

Yesterday I got the seat 10B on an Airbus 319. This seat has one big advantage: You do not even have to think about your leg position or any moves during the flight. ;-) You simply sit, sit, sit and wait for the landing...

Donnerstag, November 06, 2008

Additional comment on the US election

Yesterday on RTL late news a black man was interviewed on the streets of Harlem and he said: "Now I can go home and tell my little boy: Hey, we live in a great country. Even you can dream and work hard to become president one day!"

Another chubby lady said that she went running in the mornings for the first time in years.

Young men were shouting: Yes, we can. Yes, we can.

I think there is nothing more valuable than a positive spirit in a people with more than 200 million inhabitants. It should move something in the right directions, as long as everybody "starts with the man in the mirror" and does not solely expect miracles from one man! :-)

Mittwoch, November 05, 2008

Professor Simon Schama on historic Obama victory on BBC

I watched BBC news this morning and Professor Simon Schama made very interesting remarks about the importance of the historic Obama victory in the us elections today. He reminded the viewers that Thomas Jefferson who rote the Declaration of Independence in 1776 had hundreds of slaves himselve...and that only today America really has overcome racial differences that were still laying as a burden on the country.

In the Preamble to his original draft of the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson wrote:

"...We hold these truths to be sacred & undeniable; that all men are created equal & independent, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent & inalienable, among which are the preservation of life, & liberty, & the pursuit of happiness;..."

Hundreds of years after these words have been written down, several years after Martin Luther King died, the United States of America now do have an afro-american president, who should make all Americans proud, no matter which skin colour someone might have.

Barack Obama has an incredible hard job and the world is facing tough times. However this change was needed and it will be for the better.

It was very emotional to see the pictures on BBC and CNN today of millions of Americans from different ethnic backrounds celebrate together with a positive spirit and optimistic look ahead. Good luck to America and good luck to Barack Obama!

Dienstag, November 04, 2008

Sehr coole werbung

Hatte selber mal schildkröten als lkind

Seeding als wesentlicher teil des marketing budgets

Habe gerade herrn prof. Dr. Ralf schengber während der marketing on tour gefragt wieviel prozent der marketing budgets bei seinen erfolgreichen viral beispielen wohl auf Seeding entfallen. Seine antwort: mindestens 50%!!! Wow. Das ist eine menge und sollte bei der produktion jedes viral videos etc berücksichtigt werden