Freitag, Februar 26, 2010

hiogi sucht Beta-Tester für neue iPhone app

Wer will mitmachen beim Beta-Test der neuen hiogi iPhone App, die später auch allen Kunden von als Whitelabel-Variante zur Verfügung stehen wird?

Mittwoch, Februar 17, 2010

I was speachless during yesterday's google demos

Yesterday evening during the keynote of Eric Smith and his colleagues I was speachless, when they demonstrated that it will become so easy in the future to translate anything (e.g. a menue in a foreign language) using google goggles text recognition plus google translate on mobile phones. Also... imagine this: In the future you might talk to someone in China, who only speaks Mandarin and you only speak English, however google speach recognition and google translate directly translates your communication in real-time. Amazing thought. Voice-based search was also really impressive. One reporter started the questioning session with "google rocks" - I must agree!

Adobe Air and Flash 10.1 for mobile - now that is a big WOW

In contrast to microsoft Adobe AIR and Flash 10.1 really got me excited here on the mobile world congress. I cannot wait until we can convert our Adobe Air clients for mobile devices like Android, e.g. All of these technologies are currently being beta tested by Adobe and a selected group of developers. The Adobe booth showcases some really cool apps, games and other stuff that runs on Adobe Air and Flash. Apparently the binary for the Adobe Air runtime environment on mobiles is expected to be around 4-5 MB...

Windows Phone 7 showcased on Mobile World Congress 2010 without any WOW-effects

Today I checked out the main new functionalities of the new windows phone 7 operating systems here on the Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona. The software uses a hub system to connect to various social media, plus a nav bar on the buttom that pops up with different options. Also it supports Office, Sharepoint and of course XBox features for gaming or BING search. But see yourself, if it creates any WOW-effects on your side... I was not so impressed and Microsoft still does not seem to have the innovative power to create something new and a really astonishing usability as Apple delivers time after time....