Montag, Oktober 31, 2005

WAP vs. i-mode vs. J2ME

Hey guys - what do you think about these three technologies - which one will dominate the German wireless market in the next 3 years? The network operators do not seem to clear on their strategy - especially i-mode seems to be struggeling although some operators still work on it... WAP-Portals seem to work, but what about Java apps? Will Germans go crazy for it like US-people are?

Next German eBay Developer Day

Hey, don´t miss the next eBay developer day in Frankfurt, Germany on 2nd December 2005. All infos and registration soon on

Montag, Oktober 24, 2005

Fantasy leagues vs. lost productivity II and Soccer vs American football

As Greg posted ( fantasy leagues cost millions in unproductivity - however it can also improve the communication and fun at work if colleagues join the same league...ok ok just a stupid excuse. ;-) Interestingly enough though Germans focus more on soccer rather than American football. Therefore rulez! Can´t wait for the sports show saturday night at 6 pm when my guys will kick butt again... Tosson, Mico - this is my season!

Networking via the internet works

this site is great:

eBay: sold on grid

Probably one of the most interesting articles on eBay´s backend systems:,1759,1640234,00.asp

Germany launched eBay marketdata program

This is existing and we are looking forward to some new software and research tools. The German eBay market data program will enable tools to use data from the eBay datawarehouse including new shipment and demographic data. In addition it is planned to offer sophisticated economic research and reporting functionalities. More soon on

PHP AT migration path coming soon

The PHP AT migration path to the new schema will be posted soon:

modern Flash-technology at its best - winner of Best innovation Q1-Q2 2005 by the German eBay Developers program. Awesome tool that is already been used by several portals, e.g. Freenet:

Innovation made in Germany

Innovation made in Germany that also got attention on this year´s Microsoft TechEd conference in Amsterdam: In the beginning of July 2006 the German eBay developer program gave an award for most innovative buyer application to Christoph Buenger, who has built two Windows Media Center applications: one for eBay and one for Skype. Congratulations and what a cool way to conquer alternative media formats... :-)

Some thoughts on Wireless

Currently I am really wondering where we are headed with the current wireless market development... Has the internet shown us the applications and used cases that will transform onto wireless devices 1:1 in the next 2-3 years? Will displays get bigger and bigger? Will storage volumes and RAMs increase to infinity like they are on PCs? Will we get all in one devices? Will all kinds of sofware run on mobiles, PDAs...? I think yes! Amazing how the market gains momentum this year... amazing how operators look for killer apps.... i know one: ;-) What do you think?

Next German eBay Developers Day

The next German eBay Developer Day will be on 2nd December 2005 in Frankfurt. Mark your calenders. More soon via newsletter to all eBay developers and of course here