Montag, Mai 10, 2010

My learnings of how to promote an iphone app

These are my 15 learnings of how to best promote an iphone app after being No. 1 in the German "references" category with the hiogi iphone app for three weeks now:

  1. Promote immediately on launch date to reach top50 among new apps and possibly get featured by Apple (awareness on start is essential)
  2. Reviews are key. Convince everybody to leave a review!
  3. Release new updates frequently
  4. Use, or or other mobile ad networks to push your app
  5. Release a lite version for free some weeks after the premium one
  6. Play with the categories and specific new app versions
  7. Send out a press release and contact Mac magazine publisher
  8. Include "now in app store" button on your site
  9. Activate push notifications for special services to bring users back to your app
  10. Read the reviews and criticism carefully and improve the app
  11. You need to try to reach at least 200-500 downloads a day for Top50 or even Top25 and try to stay there by firing off some more marketing! Visibility of Top25 is very high.
  12. Include viral features like "recommend the app via twitter, facebook, email to your friends"...
  13. List the app in various app portals
  14. Include backlinks to the website of your app on apple's itunes pages
  15. Change the text of your app according to user feedback, news, special topics and to communicate: Try different text versions.

Please share your learnings by leaving a comment. Thanks