Donnerstag, Januar 29, 2009

What i recently learned about the mobile world

"G" - I have not blogged in such a long time. hiogi is keeping me extremely busy and we are looking at such exciting times ahead of us... anyway... over the last months I visited several conferences, I had quite a few podium discussions and I just found all my notes in my notebook bag. Time to share some of the stuff i learned or picked up:

a) 2011 the revenue split of mobile advertising will be as follows (according to Strategy Analysts July 2008):
  • 55% Display
  • 27% Search
  • 9% SMS / MMS
  • 7% Others
  • 2% TV / Video
Nothing really new and as expected, but definetely interesting for all those mobile start-ups currently calculating their break-even. ;-)

b) Carwash notifications of tz-München (6573 participants via SMS - Alert: Which station has the special today...), Marathon Ticker of the Hamburger Abendblatts (4000 participants- Alert: Who is running where?), picture quiz ofAachen Münchner Zeitung (What are you seeing in this picture?) were the winners of the MINDS-Awards in Hamburg this year and quite interesting SMS sevices for newspaper readers.

c) iPhone showed it, Android is doing it and also the new web 'n' walk will have an open platform for third party applications (named widgets :-) across various operating systems. Another great chance for developers in my opinion. Fast movers can win big time.

d) Today I learned from the really clever guys of that some projectors are already as small as a box of matches... Oh yes, I cannot wait until I put my beamer into my jeans pocket, upload a ppt to my mobile and off I go to a customer presentation. Yeeehahh. Also check out their projection software that enables you to project on any surface, in any angle, in any size... cool stuff. I will try it during my next presentations for sure...

e) iPhone for me? I had sleepless nights about that questions. I am extremely satisfied with my ipod touch. It has been working perfectly as a gadget for me over the last couple of months. However as a phone, I will probably soon swith from my Sony Ericsson K800i to a Nokia E71 or something similar. I simply want a device in my pocket that easily connects to my car, is easy to type on, works as a modem with my Lenovo Thinkpad, takes good pictures... all the other fun stuff I will keep doing on my beloved ipod touch. Peace.

f) to be continued. It's late and i just remembered some other stuff that i need to finish up today. c u

Freitag, Januar 16, 2009

Im Vapiano

Heute hatte ich großen hunger und dadurch sieht der arme basilikum strauch nun etwas armselig aus. Aber Pasta war klasse

Dienstag, Januar 06, 2009

Individuell gemixte getränke in berlin

Hier ein blick in die küche nach feierabend. Schick ist es geworden hier in der joachim-karnatz-allee 47 in der nähe vom schloß BELLEvue

Ich war erster kunde

Zu besuch in der und ich habe die bestellung nr.1 aufgegeben. Gestern kam der selbst gemachte saft zu mir ins büro und schmeckte sau gut. Meine kreation bestand überwiegend aus banana,orange und trauben. Hmmm. Hier das jager kurz vor einräumen.