Montag, November 14, 2005

Star Wars III

Better late then never: I finally watched the DVD Star Wars III in my little home cinema - with Dolby Digital 5.1 sorround equipment of course. :-) Wow - that rocked. The best one ever!

Windows Mediacenter Edition

On the Versandhandelskongress in Wiesbaden I learned how fast new devices will reach our shelves here in Germany: This X-Mas! They will look like a slim CD-Player but are fully equipped PCs with messaging and TV capabilities based on Windows MCE! You operate it with a remote control of course. Time to act guys - the race is on for new killer applications...


Hey, why is nobody realizing configurators for eBay in Germany? Powersellers want it! See the US best practice and award winning tool:

Thoughts on ERP implementation

Recently I gave a presentation about ERP and shop integrations on the German Powerseller Day in Düsseldorf. My conclusion from the discussions is that many business owners are not aware what preperations and structural analysis it takes to select a software and to implement it properly. Therefore I have decided to pick up some research I did during my studies long ago and bring it up to speed to share it with you. ... more soon.


Now the time has come for eBay Freeware: eBay Webservice are now without fees. Learn more about the new tiers here: or start programming in the community codebase here: Here also a press clipping: