Dienstag, Mai 26, 2009

Summary of my publications and references

Since I get asked very often... Here is a list of some publications and references of mine.

My background: I am currently founder and CEO of the hiogi GmbH, which provides a mobile knowledge community (www.hiogi.de) and a software-as-a-service for a customer involvement platform (www.service-community.net). In 2007 I co-founded the consultancy 4sxs. Prior I worked three years for eBay Germany heading the platform solutions group. I started my career at KPMG Consulting and later BearingPoint directly after my studies of economics and computer sciences in Hamburg, Germany.

My latest references, publications, presentations and lectures:

Article about mobile navigation and the new chances for start-ups on gruenderszene.de (January 2010)
Article about google and writer profile THE EUROPEAN January 2010
Quote about the social web involvement of corporations... on 13.10.2009
• Expert podium discussion on German conference "Voice Days plus" moderated by Ranga Yogeshwar about "Service for the Facebook generation" on 6.10.2009 (pictures and summary...)
• Journalist Gunnar Sohn, PC Welt, FinanzNachrichten and Focus Online... are quoting my blog post on 2.10.2009 "Service in sozialen Medien und der Paradigmenwechsel in der Unternehmenskultur".
• Märkische Allgemeine: "Mit sozialen Netzwerken den Kundenservice verbessern - Web 2.0 kein Parkett für autoritäre Kontrollfreaks"
• Auf der Suche nach der Suchmaschine von morgen on 30.06.09
• Expert lecture Mehrwertforum Telekom May 2009: mwl.telekom.de/produkte/index.php?p_id=1192
• Focus Online Comment May 2009: Boom des mobilen Internets nicht aufzuhalten ...
• Absatzwirtschaft Comment May 2009: www.absatzwirtschaft-biznet.de/home/artikel/gastbeitraege/0/0/6503/Boom_des_mobilen_Internets_nicht_aufzuhalten_.html
• Expert lecture and podium discussion on Iphone developer conference: www.iphonedevcon.de/referenten.php
• Expert podium discussion at Berlin mobile Monday: www.mobile-monday.de/events/dashed-hopes-vs-silver-linings
• Article in the IT magazine: Fachzeitschrift für Information Management & Consulting (issue 2007/1) about Web 2.0: http://www.alex-schwinn.de/blog/schwinn_behrendt_erfolgsfaktoren_web_20.pdf
• Speaker at the media days / IFA: www.medienwoche.de/WebObjects/Medienboard.woa/wa/CMSshow/1717353
• Speaker on media fair: www.mediaintransition.com/2006/speakere.html#bjoern
• Blog article: behrendt.blogspot.com/2006/09/we-have-seen-nothing-yet-mash-up.html
• Blog article: behrendt.blogspot.com/2005/12/ideen-zu-web-20-und-mash-ups.html
• Expert interview StarFM radio: http://ads.hiogi.com/media/080828_StarFM.mp3
• Expert interview: blog.telefon.de/allgemein/die-hiogi-community-sucht-in-minutenschnelle-eine-antwort-im-gespraech-mit-bjoern-behrendt-dem-gruender-der-mobile-community-hiogi/
• Expert interview Radio1: blog.hiogi.de/wp-content/uploads/2007/11/2007_11_24radio1.mp3
• Expert interview: www.deutsche-startups.de/2008/05/30/zehn-fragen-an-bjoern-behrendt-von-44044com/
• I am a guest lecturer at various universities: e.g. on 4.11.08 at the university for technology and innovation at the TU Berlin and HPI in Potsdam

Please feel free to contact me (bjoern at hiogi de), in case you see opportunities to work together or if you would like me to give your team a one-day workshop about the web's future, e-commerce and mobile technologies.

Montag, Mai 18, 2009

My first test and conclusions about WolframAlpha

I was already impressed by the pre-launch screencast introducing WolframAlpha and now that it is live I did a few tests. My conclusion is that it is definitely a new way of finding accurate statistical and computational answers. WolframAlpha seems to pull very relevant data from good sources and therefore enables users to enter questions even in the form of verbal description of comparisons for different variables, which is really a unique way of getting to these infos and needed much more search efforts and time AND manual computational work to get to the same results before... However WolframAlpha is not a real substitution for google or other search engines. google will still make the world's ever growing number of websites more accessible and easier to search and Wikipedia will still provide a knowledge compendium of definitions and facts. If people learn how to use different search engines for different kind of searches and understand where certain engines have their strength, they will nicely co-exist in the future. WolframAlpha has set a new standard in computing statistical and logical data based on the descriptive input of written words and questions and is a big milestone in the race to make human knowledge and intelligence computational!

Also WolframAlpha is the perfect tool for Q&A knowledge communities like hiogi or Yahoo Clever that help other people who are traveling or who are not so familiar with online search by searching and aggregating good answers.

Here are a few of my first test searches and I am sure in a few months I will use WolframAlpha also on a day-to-day basis as I do it with google or Wikipedia today:

What is the average water consumption of a German household?
No results...
What is the deepest part of the ocean?
highest | 7235 m (4.496 mi) (Southern Ocean)
lowest | 10 924 m (6.788 mi) (Pacific Ocean)

I also found the sources really interesting and some are new to me so I am glad that I get all the combined results now from wolframalpha:
I really liked this one which someone twittered :-) How many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man?
red + green

Freitag, Mai 08, 2009

Digital milestones in my life

Yesterday night I was preparing a presentation at a big Telekom event next week in Berlin, where I will talk about what will follow Web 2.0. I really cannot hear that term anymore, but I started to think back about the digital moments in my life that really moved me...

Here they are:

1996: 1st Web-access
Boy, was I excited when I got my first internet connection to the technical university of Hamburg-Harburg to work. I could not believe that I was accually browsing on FREE newspaper pages like Bild.de or spiegel.de that I normally had to pay for as paper issues.

1997: 1st SMS sent
I loved my old Nokia 7110 and felt like Neo in the Matrix!!!

2004: 1st DSL-Flatrate
Awesome - no more monthly check of the high bills, but a fixed tariff. I loved it.

2005: 1st mobile WAP access
I must admit that I first was disappointed about the mobile offerings and still am sometimes...

2008: Got an ipod touch
Wow - what a usability. There is one life before the ipod touch / iphone and one after that....

2009: 1st free mobile VoIP-Call using Skype and a free WiFi access
A little revolution, bypassing the big telcos which needed so so long to make use of the expensive UMTS licences...

2009: 1st mobile QR / SMS airline check-in
Great to see more and more people just walk by the Lufthansa check-in ladies and hold their mobile device over one of the scanning points. New here, but a normal thing in south korea for years.

2009: I became an apple user - partially
Bought my first macbook on eBay and starting to love it more and more. My holiday movie which I cut with imovie 9.0 is incredible! Mac rocks.

I hope I will be able to conserve these precious moments and my feelings in the moment they happened for a long time, which is why I am writing them down here. Probably my grandchildren will just yawn about it. :-)