Freitag, Mai 08, 2009

Digital milestones in my life

Yesterday night I was preparing a presentation at a big Telekom event next week in Berlin, where I will talk about what will follow Web 2.0. I really cannot hear that term anymore, but I started to think back about the digital moments in my life that really moved me...

Here they are:

1996: 1st Web-access
Boy, was I excited when I got my first internet connection to the technical university of Hamburg-Harburg to work. I could not believe that I was accually browsing on FREE newspaper pages like or that I normally had to pay for as paper issues.

1997: 1st SMS sent
I loved my old Nokia 7110 and felt like Neo in the Matrix!!!

2004: 1st DSL-Flatrate
Awesome - no more monthly check of the high bills, but a fixed tariff. I loved it.

2005: 1st mobile WAP access
I must admit that I first was disappointed about the mobile offerings and still am sometimes...

2008: Got an ipod touch
Wow - what a usability. There is one life before the ipod touch / iphone and one after that....

2009: 1st free mobile VoIP-Call using Skype and a free WiFi access
A little revolution, bypassing the big telcos which needed so so long to make use of the expensive UMTS licences...

2009: 1st mobile QR / SMS airline check-in
Great to see more and more people just walk by the Lufthansa check-in ladies and hold their mobile device over one of the scanning points. New here, but a normal thing in south korea for years.

2009: I became an apple user - partially
Bought my first macbook on eBay and starting to love it more and more. My holiday movie which I cut with imovie 9.0 is incredible! Mac rocks.

I hope I will be able to conserve these precious moments and my feelings in the moment they happened for a long time, which is why I am writing them down here. Probably my grandchildren will just yawn about it. :-)


Daniel Höpfner hat gesagt…

cool list!

What about:

- first online purchase?
- first online profile
- first mobile purchase? ringtone or wallpaper
- first email?
- last letter?
- last CD purchased and when?
- first mp3 buy online?

ciao Daniel Hoepfner

Bjoern hat gesagt…

Well, of course there are many more digital milestones in my life, however the ones I listed really stuck in my memory and they gave me a chill all over right when they happened. The ones you listed are cool aswell. Last week one of these moments happened again, when I saw something small, but later realized that it was an inflection point showing that digital things (another revolution) is happening: 15 buddies were permanently online in the facebook chat window... I will write more about this social web revolution after my presentation on 14th may