Mittwoch, November 12, 2008

Revolutionary stuff - use Skype as a search engine

Ok, I need to write about hiogi again, since this blog is also my personal diary and in 20 years from now I want to read what got me so excited when I was younger... And THIS really gets me excited!!!

This week we launched the world's first Q&A solution "hiogi for Skype". Users can aks free questions directly in a chat window and do not need to install anything. Anybody can register for free in order to become a hiogi and start asking questions. Especially, if you are looking for advice, insider tips, opinions "hiogi for Skype" will help you. It even works on the mobile phone, if you istall the new mobile beta version of Skype. The skype teams have tested it and like it.

Here is a step by step introduction of how to register and activate "hiogi for Skype" in less than 5 mininutes:


Register for free and become a real hiogi or log in.

Save your personal skype account on this page or in your settings.

Wait until the hiogimessenger contacts you and add hiogi to your contact list. Make sure your skype client is running, contacting your client may take up to a minute.

Skype your individual activation code via skype to hiogi.

Get a list of all Skype functions by typing HELP into your hiogi skype chat window.

Have fun!



Speichere deinen Skypenick hier auf dieser Seite oder unter deinen Einstellungen ab.

Warte bis der hiogimessenger dich kontaktiert und füge hiogi zu deiner Kontaktliste hinzu. Vergewissere dich, dass Skype läuft und dein Status auf 'Online' steht. Es kann bis zu 1 Minute dauern, bevor der hiogimessenger dich kontaktiert, habe bitte etwas Geduld.

Skype dem hiogimessenger deinen Aktivierungscode, den du auf der Seite siehst.

Tippe HELP um alle Funktionen des hiogimessengers anzuzeigen.

Viel Spaß!

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andrewbluster hat gesagt…

Someone really decided to put on their thinking cap, great going! It’s fantastic to see people really writing about the important things.