Montag, November 17, 2008

Mobile moday in berlin

Thorsten Lubinski - Alazar
Björn Behrendt - Hiogi
Christof Fromm - E-Plus
Markus Otte - MTV
Håkon Wium Lie - Opera (CTO)
Christophe Maire – Nokia

Sitting next to the CTO of opera - i am eager to see what the discussion will be like. All in all it was fun to be there and I learned that ePlus is doing something for mobile start-ups (more later, when I tried it), Opera Mini has a new data center in California, only the Top20 apps in the itunes store really make money and my wish for next year was, if i were god: "Force all the people in Germany to open up their private WiFi routers so that we would have free wifi everywhere!"

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