Mittwoch, März 11, 2009

le mobile 2.0 conference in Paris

hiogi was selected to take part in the Start-Up zapping at the French le mobile 2.0 conference in Paris and I presented this morning. Sadly most of the conference was held in the French language, but the mobile market in France seems to be very active and I like the bundles of DSL, internet TV and mobile access that private homes can get for around 30 EUR per months. Also WIFI is widely spread in the city, which makes work, travel and leasure much more convenient than in many other European cities like Hamburg, Germany e.g. which is far behind in this respect.

Here are some impressions and interesting slides from Paris:

I really like the presentation of Nulaz a Dutch company which has won several awards and is already collecting premium fees from 170.000 registered users. They are 18 people, privately funded and profitable with a mobile portal that integrates other social communities, services and mobile content providers. They also distribute white-labeled clients that users pay for.

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