Freitag, August 01, 2008

A skype revolution just hit me and my mobile phone

Oh my god. I am so excited. Finally - the revolution reached me and my Sony Ericcson K800i !!! 2 minutes ago, I installed the new beta version of an optimized Skype client for my mobile phone.

Link to the Skype mobile phone application

The installation and setup was easy and nicely designed and it worked instantly.

Today is a milestone in history for me!!! It marks THE END OF TEXT MESSAGES (SMS)!!!

It seems the mobile phone operators and handset manufacturers have finally opened up their systems and instant messaging should become a common standard application on ALL mobile phones and ALL networks around the world. Now not only the PDAs and smartphones or iphones can install such applications, but EVERYBODY. A dream comes true. Go IMs! Go IMs - Go!!!

Sorry guys, I need to hopp around a little bit in my appartement. This is so cool.


But watch out for your data traffic! The costs will go further down soon!

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