Mittwoch, Dezember 10, 2008

Other interesting ideas about the future of iPhone and mobile applications

Besides the thoughts about the mobile future that i presented myself at the iPhone Developer Conference in Munich today...

1. CPM will drop even faster due to the financial crisis and a wider offering of mobile advertising space.
2. WIFI routers should be opened up worldwide to enable country-wide open WIFIs for everyone and to pinch the telcos.
3. Apple will decentralize the iTunes Store over the next years and new directories for the longtail of iPhone apps will open up eventually.
4. Local Based Services will dominate the mobile space besides gaming in 2009.
5. Mobile devices will be the central computing device for anything (business presentations, private email access, entertainment...)
6. Instant messaging will be the supplement for email and SMS in the near future (3-5 years).

... other participants in the podium discussions said very interesting things about how they see future developments and I would like to summarize them for you:

a) Gaming on mobile devices will be a mega trend.
b) Social and networking apps will grow and show new ways on connecting with friends locally.
c) Mr. Franz (organizer of the conference) himself suggested an iPhone-based conferencing solutions without any microphones, etc. but instead with every speaker using his/her iPhone in order to connect with the HIFI system.
d) NFC and ticketing plus 2D-Codes will show several new used cases in e-Commerce.
e) Sensors (skin temperature, pulse, heart beat) will create completely new apps that can be used by sport-enthusiasts as well as ill people on their iPhones or iPod Touches or other smart mobile devices.

Also Mr. Neidhöfer, who is the CEO of netbiscuits pointed out the importance of the iPhone and the iPod Touch in different international markets, where the statistics of netbiscuits sites accessed through these two devices clearly showed an uplift quickly after the moment the two devices were launched in the market (Top10 in each country shortly after launch) . netbiscuits delivers web content in an optimized way for clients and detects the end user device and can therefore exactly measure which device is used more often to surf on various sites.

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