Freitag, Mai 04, 2007

Live News from the German Developers Conference - Day 2

When I was still at eBay and eBay bought Skype I thought: Wow - interesting, but expensive and risky... Today I attended the Skype session of Lester, who is a skype employee and an expert in the Skype API and various tools around Skype... Well, I was impressed at the rate that Skype rolls out new features.

Did you know, that skype is the fastest growing software EVER!?!? Launched in 2003 Skype has 196 Mio users today and growing with 1 Mio new users per week! Skype not only is a chat software, but a full communication solution with conferencing features, contact management and a also a payment tool, based on your skype in/out credits. I was fascinated by the new developers program that skype launched in Dec 2006 and the 14 Mio downloads that the Top 10 external tools already generated. You can find more on Check out and download the Publishing Studio! It has great features to build and market your own skype plug-in. Skype 4Publishers even manages your license fees etc... Skype Prima and Skype Fine which are still in planning or in Beta also looked very interesting to me!

As a conclusion from todays session I changed my mind: Skype was a good acquisition for eBay and will become THE communication standard of the web within the next 3 years! Lester, my friend - you convinced me... :-)

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