Donnerstag, September 21, 2006

Smartphones in 2009 - big changes ahead...

In 2009 according to new studies every third phone in Germany will be a smarphone! How will our life have changed by then?
  • Will we still carry three+ devices like ipods, digital camera and mobile phone? Nope, it´s all in one!
  • Will we only synchronize private emails at home in front of the PC? Nope, everywhere, anytime!
  • Will we be able to write & edit word documents including drag&drop functionality on the phone? Yip!
  • Will we watch television in the subway on our phone? Yip!
  • Will we connect to WLAN hotspots all over the city? Yip!
  • Will we be worried about costly dataplans, WAP or UMTS rates? Nope, because we will have a flatrate!
  • Will we use Skype on the mobile phone to chat? Yip!
  • Will bandwidth increase and will telcos stop limiting data traffic? I hope so...

Hey, but in the end my fingers are still too big and it is annoying to type on a mobile phone and you know what? The screen still will be small compared to ever increasing flatscreens at home... We will see... What do you think?

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